On view now:

A skin surrounding everything (with Gwenneth Boelens), Manifold Books, Amsterdam
3.02. - 23.02.2019

What remains is what the poets found, PS120, Berlin, curated by Jesi Khadivi and Justin Polera
9.02. - 15.03.2019


50 Jahre neue Gesellschaft, nGbk, Berlin
opening 21.06.2019

Kunst Meran, Meran, Italy, curated by Christiane Rekade
solo exhibition, opening 28.06.2019

GIBCA Biennial, Göteburg, curated by Lisa Rosendahl
opening 7.09.2019

The Seventh Continent, 16th Istanbul Biennale, Istanbul, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud
opening 14.09.2019

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