Tongues of Time

Group exhibition with works by Özlem Altın, Chiara Camoni, Charlotte Dualé, Habima Fuchs, Nschotschi Haslinger, Batia Suter, The Mary Leyline Pilgrimage

Opening on 4 September 2021 at Villa Romana, Florence, Italy
Curated by Özlem Altın
Photos by Ela Bialkowska OKNO studio

Not spinning a net like Spider, but winding into unknown realms
Her snaking path leading to the lost place.
We tend to draw reality like the parallel warp strings,
stretching sure structure between the two rods of
Heaven and Earth:
where I belong,
who I am,
what I do
(for you),
taut with pressure.
In prehistoric times using gravity’s pull on stones and stone figurines to make of the loom something harplike,
to hold that structure into place.
I, I, I, I, I, I
For you, for the you in me.
The warp holds outward reality in place,
When along comes the snake weaver,
Sliding through the shed back and forth,
As through the tall, pale grasses,
Back and forth the snake travels, and the heddle beats the rhythm of her dance, but never catches her
It is only through the snake’s winding dance,
Of forgetting and remembering
Of not knowing into knowing,
Of connecting as things come,
that the patterns appear,
that the weaving’s essence and appearance
are at once one and the same,
danced into existence,
Slithering between the grasses,
she is weaving the fabric of a new reality,
the reintegration of intuition into the material realm,
the reconfiguration of rigid structures, navigating between them, hiding and revealing them,
being hidden and revealed,
infusing life throughout them in their transformation,
into the altogether unforeseeable.

Dark as the womb.

(Text by Alexis Hyman Wolff)©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg©photoElaBialkowskaOKNOstudio.jpg